Friday, June 1, 2007

is america dead? tour june 2007

Hear-yee... Lord Fyre and NormanOak are touring all June with new solo LPs a JWB cassette in tow. Lord Fyre's "Destruction At 2013" is now out on Emperor Jones, and NormanOak's second full-length "A Double Gift of Tongues" was just issued on Secretly Canadian-- both are ltd edition with hand screened covers. A new John Wilkes Booze cassette will also be available "The Heavy Silence of Change" -- ghost trance duo recordings captured live. Sounds and tour updates and interaction can be found at
"is america dead?" june tour '07
01 Indianapolis, IN - Big Car Gallery
02 Chicago, IL - Ronny's Bar
03 Chicago, IL - South Union Arts
04 Muncie, IN - Village Green Records
05 Bloomington, IN - Hot Love House
06 Knoxville, TN - The Birdhouse
07 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
08 Athens, GA - Calcedonia Lounge
09 Asheville, NC - Broadway's
10 Charlotte, NC - Black Congo House
11 Charlottesville, VA - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
12 Washington, DC - 611 Florida
15 New York, NY - The Cake Shop
16 Philadelphia, PA - Green Line Cafe
17 Manchester, CT - Thunderdome
18 Providence, RI - tba
19 Boston, MA - Lorem Ipsum Books
20 Edgar, MA - Above Ground Records
22 Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
25 Columbus, OH - AndyMan's Tree Houose
26 Columbus, OH - Der Keller House
28 Bloomington, IN - Lattice of Coincidence
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Wilkes Booze13

more OUTSIDE SOUNDS from the John Wilkes Booze cannon. On the Silver Session, JWB really stretch out. Far more psychedelic-floating-freedom-jazz than any previous release. recorded to cassette four track. one take. one condenser microphone. voices, lapsteel, alto sax, farfisa, viola, bass, and drums. One-sided cassette. Limited to 99 copies.

Summer Time Sounds

Lord Fyre's Sound System throws done a badasss mix tape to get you in the right mood. No summer grill out will be complete without the Soul BBQ cassette up in the box!!!
All selections sourced from vintage soul/ r&b 45s straight outta the Church of Sun Ra library.
the Olympics, Billy "the Kid" Emerson, and Big Maybelle...just to name a few.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

smells like the big time

church of sun ra release gets smokey praise

Bull TongueThe Top 80 of 2006
34. LORD FYRE - Destruction at 2013 LP (Emperor Jones) A foundingpartner of the John Wilkes Booze collective lets one fly (more or lesssolo) in Bloomington. The instrumentation is squiggly as hell,incorporating a lot of space without sacrificing a certainclaustrophobic luster.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lord Fyre / Normanoak... Rune in June East Coast Tour... traveling the spaceways... to touch down in your village contact:

church of sun ra volume 3

lord fyre "destruction at 2013" cd-r out of print

rushed for a tour...november 2005...the destruction at 2013 was originally released as a fifty edition available as vinyl long player (with new art work) via emperor jones and church of sun ra

church of sun ra volume 2

green fuzz society / lord fyre "burn baby burn" split cassingle out of print

recorded to 1/4" reels at the church of sun ra...spring 2005...mixed in knoxville halloween 2005...released in conjunction with lord fyre/ lonesome valley alchemist tour... green fuzz society bring an epic fifteen minute mapped out fuzz soak odyssey transmitting the sonic whirlwinds of early hawkwind...lord fyre answer with a two part hippie death cult saunter...father yod/ manson...each tape came with matches and papers...smoke 'em if you got 'em